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Welcome to a new idea in group fitness.

Posted by on Jan 22, 2012 in Home

We call it Burn.


Since 2009 we have been challenging our clients with a revolutionary and highly effective workout. Our unique Method draws upon the very best aspects of Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training to create a body sculpting, heart-pumping 55-minute workout.

We believe that in order to truly train the body effectively, the heart, muscles, and core need to be engaged in a variety of ways. To achieve this, each class provides a dynamic circuit of exercises that keeps participants challenged, motivated, and focused. You’ll become stronger and healthier, lengthen and tone the entire body, increase flexibility, energy and endurance and achieve your weight loss goals.

How the method works

Pilates Springs are used to firm and lengthen the entire body while increasing flexibility and engaging the core. crossblue Weights are used to tone and strengthen the muscles, increase metabolism, and prevent injuries. crossblueCardio drills increase your heart rate, build endurance and shred calories to create a strong, lean and powerful physique.

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Burn Workout DVD

The BURN Workout DVD is now available for only $19.99!

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“I am a dedicated and happy Burn member -Burn has changed my workout life - had gotten bored with gym and couldn't get into a solid routine anymore. Tried Burn - got hooked into class structure, scheduling and wonderful instructors - each with their own slant on the burn 'formula' and have plenty of personality. They are a caring and dedicated group - putting as much in as they expect of class members. Love it - though as others have given detailed testimonial - it IS challenging - almost ALL the time - It is designed to enable you to keep pushing your limits”
by Aileena N. via Yelp